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Thank you for your interest in our courses.

Below is a list of answers to questions we get asked frequently. Please read carefully - we believe all relevant information for your planned stay on Koh Phangan is being provided.

1. How do I get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan?

First of all, let's say the following: traveling in Thailand is easy, convenient, and fairly cheap for the most part!


A special air-conditioned tourist bus leaves regularly just outside and downstairs from the new Bangkok Airport arrivals area, and takes you directly to Khao San Road (in Banglamphoo district). For newcomers to Thailand, this may be the best place to start out, as it is the most "tourist-friendly" neighborhood. Then purchase a joint ticket from any of the hundreds of travel agents in Bangkok. You may choose with this ticket to go by overnight bus (usually 36 seats) for approximately 600 Baht (ca. 15 EUR) or to go by second-class train sleeper (fan) for approximately 1'000 Baht (ca. 25 EUR) (ticket is around 50 Baht cheaper for the upper bunk). If you choose to take the bus, you will be directed where to meet it usually at about 18.00; if you choose the train it is your own responsibility to get yourself to the Hualamphong Train Station in the later afternoon; any taxi or tuk-tuk can take you. This ticket pays for your journey south to Surat Thani, transfer early in the morning (usually about 06.00-07.30) to the pier, and a boat ticket for the remainder of your journey to the island. You will arrive at the pier in Thongsala, the main town on Koh Phangan, usually by noon.

For a complete schedule of trains between Bangkok and Surat Thani, call +66 (0)22 204334 or visit It is possible to do this trip on your own, but a bit more cumbersome than the joint ticket option.


If you have a lot of luggage, you may enjoy taking the government bus, +66 (0)2 434 7192 in Bangkok (or +66 (0)77 238762 on Koh Phangan). It leaves daily from the Bangkok Southern Bus Station ("Sai Tai Mai") at 19:45, and costs about 1'200 Baht (ca. 30 EUR). Get there early to secure a seat - travel agents cannot book this for you. Fare includes snacks and light dinner along the way. The main advantage to this route is that once you put your luggage on the bus, you will not need to move it from taxi to train to shuttle bus to pier to boat to taxi. The bus will take your luggage all the way from the Bangkok bus station to the Koh Phangan taxi stand.
Perhaps the most popular company offering a complete bus & ferry (high-speed catamaran to be precise) service is Lomprayah. Buses leave Bangkok from the Khao San Road area (just off Rambuttri, where the Lomprayah office is located) at 21.00 (arriving on Koh Phangan at 10.30) and at 06.00, arriving on the island at 16.00. Tickets cost around 1'400 Baht (ca. 30 EUR). Call +66 (0)77 238412 or visit their site:


For those who wish to save time instead of money, you may also fly directly from Bangkok Airport to Koh Samui, the adjacent island, for approximately 5'000 Baht (ca. 125 EUR) (cheaper fares can be found at inconvenient hours but you might may not find a connecting ferry). The main carrier is Bangkok Airways; arrange this flight in advance, online at, or at the Bangkok Airport. Thai Airways also flies the same route, but much less frequently than Bangkok Airways.

From Samui airport you would take a (shared) taxi to the Lomprayah pier from where the high-speed catamaran departs for Koh Phangan.
While Lomprayah is not the only company that offers service between Samui and Phangan, it is the company with the best fleet and schedule. Lomprayah often has representatives at the airport who will book you a taxi and boat ticket on site; and the airport has a stand just after the luggage pickup which arranges taxis and group-share buses to the ferry terminals. Please note that flying from Suvarnabhumi to Koh Samui with either one of these two airlines and then taking a boat is the quickest way to reach Koh Phangan. Be aware that the last ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan leaves around 17.30; you can check ferry schedules here, but be aware that this information may change seasonally. So arriving on Samui at a later hour in the day means you will have to spend the night there.

Budget airlines like Air Asia or Nok Air also offer flights to Thailand’s south, but they depart from Bangkok’s old international airport called Don Muang, so if you arrive in Suvarnabhumi you will have to transfer to another airport first (about 90 mins.). They don't fly to Koh Samui either, but instead Surat Thani or Nakhon Si Thammarat on the southern mainland, from there travelers proceed by bus and then ferry to Koh Phangan. It sure is a longer trip than the flights mentioned above, but if you book early you can get these latter flights at about a third of the price, so once again, it's a question of how you value your time. At present you can book your entire trip (joint ticket for plane, bus and boat) on the airasia/nokair site which is very convenient.

2. How do I find you once I am on Koh Phangan?

It is on purpose that we don't publish a map and directions to our place on our website. Once you have completed registration for one of our courses you will be emailed a map and detailed directions on how to get to our property.

3. Accommodation Overview

The closest village to our project site is called Sri Thanu. There are many resorts in the area, most of them right on the beach. Accommodation can be relatively cheap, depending on your needs and tastes for luxury (or simplicity).

budget price beach bungalow with fan and attached bathroom may cost around 300 - 400 Baht (ca. 7-10 EUR) per night. Budget bungalows are usually older, and usually do not have hot water. Medium price rooms which may include hot water, tiled floors, air conditioning, and are generally new, start from around 650 Baht (16 EUR) per night. High price accommodation starts from around 1'200 Baht (ca. 30 EUR) per night, and would normally be a much larger and more luxurious room.

Generally speaking there is no need for advance reservations as our courses are never scheduled during the busiest time of the year (December and January). Many of the budget resorts do not have a website nor a reliable booking system - it's best to just rock up a day or two prior to course begin and take a room on the spot. More expensive resorts often do have websites and can be contacted beforehand through email.

If you do want to look around and see what is available, we suggest you start here:, in the drop down menus on the left hand side, select region - West, select town - Sri Thanu, select beach - Ao Sri Thanu. Refine your search by inputting your budget range and take it from there.

In particular, we recommend the following places:

Shanti Guesthouse:
Loyfa Natural Resort:
Sunset Cove:

Another good website for mid-range and up is

4. What is the quality of the food like on Koh Phangan?

Food is generally fresh, healthy, and plenty of restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan options, and - increasingly - some organic options. Many types of international cuisine can be found (one may find on our side of the island Thai, Israeli, French, Indian, some Japanese, etc.).

Generally, you should prepare to spend at least 300 Baht (ca. 7 EUR) per day - perhaps 150 Baht (ca. 4 EUR) if you eat entirely at home and prepare your own meals - or more if you: eat out for all of your meals, have a big appetite, eat at more expensive restaurants, etc. 

5. Recommended Restaurants

There are numerous vegetarian restaurants in our area of the island. We recommend:

  - EoS: a macrobiotic restaurant with delicious, healthy food and a small selection of grocery items for sale. Our local favorite!
  - Art Café: a good selection of whole-leaf teas, very good coffees and fresh baked delights. Also has a small but delicious range of meals catering to vegetarian tastes.
  - Soma Restaurant: located at the Agama campus in Srithanu, with a menu catering to yogic tastes.
  - Big Mountain: garden salads, feta salads, vegetarian sushi, spring rolls, tofu burgers, dahl and chapatis, hummus and falafel, etc.
  - Golden Rock: Tasty and very inexpensive Thai (vegetarian) food.

6. Is there Internet access?

Yes! Internet access is everywhere down in the village (Sri Thanu, about 10 mins. from our hillside property). Most often access costs 1 Baht per minute with a 20-minute minimum. You may do Internet in Thongsala for up to half this price, and - if you have a Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth transmitter, and laptop - you may do wireless Internet in your bungalow for much cheaper (but also slower) than this: approximately 130 baht for 20 hours, 250 Baht for 60 hours, 375 Baht for 100 hours, etc. Such options are paid through AIS (1-2-Call) or DTAC phone service and recharge ("top-up") cards. 

Also, more and more restaurants have WIFI access which means you can surf for free while eating.
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